Real Estate Services


Listing and Selling your Home

Our team will provide you with consistent professional service to effectively market and sell your home. Preliminary services include conducting a home evaluation and comparative market analysis to help determine a suitable listing price. We will advertise and show the home to prospects, while ensuring a smooth process from beginning to end.  Your satisfaction will be the end result!

Buying a Home

We'll assist you in finding the home of your dreams, or at least something close to it. We'll look at your needs and wants to find something that you can be proud of. Let us know how we can serve you. We are here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Rentals and Leases

Are you a landlord looking for tenants, or are you a tenant looking for a suitable place to live? Either way, we have the tools, team and resources to help you along the way. Our partnering company Tenant Screeners helps landlords screen and secure GREAT tenants across the GTA. Check them out today.

New Developments and Openings

Looking for a new condominium or residential developments? We have access to new builds across Southern Ontario and will keep you informed of upcoming opportunities on the horizon. Let us know what you're interested in so you can be kept in the loop of what’s popping up. 

Ongoing Support and Updates

Allow us the privilege of keeping you informed of what's happening in the market. Provide us with your preferences by joining our Mailing List so we can send you relevant Information. Please also let us know of any new areas of interest, as they arise, so that we can keep your profile updated.

Complementary Services


Mortgages and Refinancing

Work with our team to get the mortgage you deserve at the best rates possible. We can assist with first and second mortgages, private lending, refinancing and helping to find other sources of funds for your down payment (if applicable). The level of commitment and dedication we have to our clients, motivates us to go the extra mile to source great options. Contact us today for an assessment or pre-approval.

Home Staging and Organizing

Getting your home ready for listing can be an overwhelming task. Allow our team to provide you with a professional overhaul from A to Z, making your home look like it was taken out of a designer magazine. Let us handle the process so you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, sought after home.

Marketing and Advertising

Once your home is ready for listing, the next step is to market it for maximized reach potential. Our team of expert photographers and videographers capture the essence of your home and market it in a way that best highlights the top selling features. The new 3D technology captivates the viewer and provides superior reality and detail that is second to none.

Home Inspection

Conducting due diligence is an important part of the home purchasing process. Finding a trustworthy and knowledgeable home inspector can help you spot potential areas of concern that can cause you unnecessary stress in the short or long run. Reduce this risk by allowing our team to thoroughly assess any prospective homes of interest. Prevention is indeed better than a cure!

Legal Services

Barrister and Solicitor services are crucial in most real estate transactions:  Purchase and Sale of Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Leases and more. Consult our professional real estate legal team who will guide you through the detailed process, while answering any questions you may have. 

Tenant Screening

Are you a landlord who is looking for a way to thoroughly screen and select the right tenants for your rental property? Our Partner and Affiliate Tenant Screeners has the right tools to make this process fully transparent, simple and effective. Contact them today for a complimentary assessment!

Financial Enhancements


Credit Repair

Having decent credit is important for many reasons including applying for a mortgage, car, job, rental, credit card and etc.  Need a credit boost? Imagine going through a simple process where you can significantly increase your credit score within a 3 to 6 months time frame, knowing a head of time what the results will be and at what cost... Click Here to get a complimentary assessment and start repairing your credit today for greater opportunities tomorrow. (Referee name: Michelle Esdaille)

Income Protection

What happens to your income if you can't work because of an accident, sickness or disability? Protect yourself and your family with a daily, monthly or lump sum cash payment in the event of out-of-pocket medical expenses, lost wages and other unexpected expenses due to the unforeseeable circumstances. Secure your future and contact our team today: 1-888-986-3009.


Do you know the rules of money, the wealth formula? Where can you place your money so that they grow with your best interests in mind? Where can you find good rates of returns? Contact our team and together, we'll come up with a solution that is right for your specific needs: 1-888-986-3009.