Frequently Asked Questions

​Prospective Tenant", "Prospect" and "Applicant" are interchangeable terms used on the site. 

TS Report" means "Tenant Screeners Report".

What is Tenant Screeners?

Tenant Screeners is a Canadian Tenant Screening Company that provides landlords with peace of mind by screening and securing GREAT tenants in less time!

We provide landlords with information to help make an informed decision when choosing a tenant via our Tenant Screeners Report. We also provide premium services including lease document preparation and tenant finder services.

How can I contact you?

Toll free tel: 1-888-986-3009 
Toll free fax: 1-844-962-8337 

Is membership required and are there any sign up fees?

No, there is no membership required and there are no sign up fees associated with the services that Tenant Screeners provides. We offer risk-free services. 

What are your services and prices?

Please find our Services and Prices right here
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Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Tenant Screeners offers volume discounts to clients that request 10 or more TS Reports per month. For this a vendor contract will need to be in place. Please contact us for more information.

How do I pay for these services?

- Visa or MasterCard via PayPal or invoicing.
- Direct INTERAC payments via e-mail money transfers.
- Your payment is processed in a secure and confidential environment.
- We do not keep credit card information on file unless there is a specific contractual vendor agreement in place.

I no longer need the service. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on the Tenant Screeners Report as once the service has been rendered, we have already been charged on outsourcing the credit report as well the time  spent on completing the process.  Likewise, refunds can't be offered after the lease agreement has been prepared but a partial refund can be granted for our Tenant Finders Service depending on what level of the process has been completed. 

Is Tenant Screeners a secure website? Is my personal information secure?

Yes. We have a secure site complete with a SSL certificate. SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.

Your personal information is kept secure and confidential on our back end. The information we receive is solely used for the sole purpose for which it was collected. It is kept on file for future retrieval if requested by the applicant.

What is a Tenant Screeners Report and what does it tell me?

Identification verification - assists in establishing the identity of your Prospective Tenant by comparing their personal information to that entered on the rental application. will validate the SIN. This is an important feature as delinquent tenants often provide false information on rental applications. The SIN will generally pull a credit history even if the name has been misspelled, or a wrong date of birth given.

History – current residence and residences lived within the past 5 years

Current Employment Verification – verifies job, income and length of employment. Includes a verbal confirmation
Previous Employers – lists previous employers of applicant
Credit Score – risk predictor score based on current experience and history. Indicates paying habits on a Consumer Credit Report
Fraud Warnings – indicates any fraud detection
Previous Landlord Reference – a phone reference that answers relevant and important questions for tenancy
Miscellaneous and other details – anything relevant that has been listed in the applicant’s credit or tenant record
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Will Tenant Screeners interview the tenant?

Tenant Screeners does not interview the tenant, as each landlord will have specific questions and criteria they need met. We recommend that the landlord informally interview the tenant upon meeting them for the first time, before referring them to Tenant Screeners.

What is the turnaround time for TS reports?

We can complete a Tenant Screening Report within 2 business days of receiving all of the information from the applicant. We will then e-mail the landlord/agent the results, and provide the tenant a copy should they request one.

How can I tell the applicant that his/her rental application has not been accepted?

There are a number of ways in which declining an applicant can be done. Here are two suggestions: 

"Although we would have liked to consider your application to rent, we are considering more suitable applicants at this time."

"Although we would have liked to consider your application to rent, it did not meet our (my) criteria for tenancy. We wish you all the best with your search".

Please use diplomacy when declining an applicant. It is best not to disclose too much information (less is more). What you say can be deemed discriminatory if not done correctly, and can result in legal ramifications.

What should I do with TS Reports when applications are denied?

It is in online or e-copy form, you can remove and delete the file from the source. If printed, you should ensure that the TS Report is sufficiently shredded. Privacy laws dictate that you must safeguard this confidential information.

Does Tenant Screeners require written consent from the applicant to run a TS Report?

Yes, we must have the written consent of the applicant to obtain a copy of his/her credit file. You can obtain a Tenant Screeners Application Form from the website under "TS Report." Tenant Screeners takes seriously its responsibility to protect Consumer privacy and will report all matters where credit information has been misused or obtained under false pretenses.

How can I protect myself from fraudulent activities?

Yes. Identity theft is a huge concern in North America within many industries, including the Residential Rental Industry.

One of the benefits of obtaining a TS Report is that we can compare the information on the application form to what we extract from the credit report. Often bad or delinquent tenants will give false or erroneous information on the application. I.e. leave a letter out of the last name, give a wrong date of birth, leave the most current addresses out etc. If we encounter a case of identity theft, we will notify you immediately and will report the matter to the appropriate authorities.

Why was there no Score or no Record Found on my prospective tenant?

Where the rating comes back as "No Score available" is likely that the applicant does not have any credit history that has been reported in the last 24 months. This may be because there were no accounts or trade balances that were active and being reported on which would generate a score. In this instance it is likely that the applicant has older accounts that have not been paid and have been closed by the Credit Grantor. If there was a score in this instance it would be less than 600 and a rating less than D+. Credit Worthiness has not been established. An applicant with "No Score Available" is a red flag and Tenant Screeners would need to conduct further due diligence. 

Please note that "No Record Found" is different than "No Score Available". The following are reasons why there might not be any records found:

Prospective Tenant is young and has not yet established a credit file.
Prospective Tenant has not been able to establish a credit history because of poor/sporadic employment. This is common if no credit history is available.
Prospective Tenant has provided false information to ensure that his/her credit history is not found. 
Prospective Tenant is on a Disability or Assistance and does not have a credit file.
Prospective Tenant is a new arrival to the country and has not yet established a credit history.
Prospective Tenant has been incarcerated for a long period of time.

Having no credit file is a red flag and Tenant Screeners would need to conduct further due diligence.

If the applicant completes a Criminal Record Check and it comes back as "unclear", can I see the offense on the report?

Due to recent policy adaptations by the RCMP, we will only be able to indicate whether or not an individual's criminal record is clear or not clear. In the case where not clear is returned, the individual will be required to contact their local branch of the RCMP to obtain their full criminal record.

Does Tenant Screeners share its database with third party marketing agencies or participate in spam e-mail programs?

No. Tenant Screeners respects your privacy and confidentiality and is also bound by Privacy Laws. It does not share its database with third parties and it does not participate in spam e-mail programs. If you opt in to receive e-mail updates, you may receive important notices of website changes, promotions and etc. This will happen periodically. You will not be inundated with e-mails from Tenant Screeners.

How do I report my tenants rent paying habits?

You can report "Tenant Pay Habits" to Tenant Screeners directly. We update our records periodically and would appreciate all feedback.

Hint: When you advise your Tenant(s) that you report Tenant Pay Habits to a Credit Reporting Agency on the 3rd day of each month, chances are that the rent will be there on time. All Tenant Screeners users can report Tenant Pay Habits.

I am experiencing technical problems. How should I proceed?

Our web site requires permission to use cookies on your machine. If you are experiencing problems when logging in, perhaps this permission has been denied. This can be for several different reasons that are all under your control:

1. Cookies may be disallowed altogether in your browser.
2. The privacy policy in your browser or internet security software/firewall may be set to a level that stops cookies from being used by this site. Cookies on this site are used to maintain the privacy of your information and reports. Cookies are not used to infringe on your privacy or security. Please change your settings to allow cookies either in your browser or firewall so that we can offer you our online services.

How accurate is Tenant Screeners data?

Tenant Screeners is a reseller of consumer credit reports obtained from Equifax Canada and Trans Union Canada and they in turn obtain their information from many different sources and databases such as financial institutions, credit card companies and other credit grantors. Tenant Screeners does not verify or guarantee the accuracy of such data from the credit bureaus. If any data is incorrect, the applicant/tenant should contact the credit bureau directly to rectify the information that is in their file.

​What is your Liability, Disclosure and Agreement for your Tenant Finder Services?

The client authorizes and gives consent for Tenant Screeners to provide professional Tenant Finder Services on their behalf. The client will be given access to research (objective and factual information) provided by Tenant Screeners in order to help make a sound decision. Tenant Screeners will source and screen all interested applicants and secure the chosen applicant with a binding lease agreement. The client understands that the decision to secure and finalize a tenancy is ultimately their decision and responsibility. Tenant Screeners seeks to minimize the risk of tenant delinquency and shall remain void of any financial or legal responsibility for the individuals the client chooses to onboard as tenants.

Tenant Screeners will secure the last month’s rent deposit and will forward the balance minus the service fee to the client. The tenant will provide the client with the first month’s deposit directly. In the event that the tenant provides the client with both first and last month’s rent deposit directly, the client will extract the service fees and will forward the appropriate amount to tenant screeners via cash or e-mail money transfer. Upon the completion of these services, and after the payment is received, Tenant Screeners will provide the client with an e-mail receipt. The client understands that all photos taken by Tenant Screeners, the rental ad description, and lease agreement are copyrighted for exclusive private use and cannot be reproduced nor used externally.

Tenant Screeners is not liable for any damages or losses caused by the tenant the client has chosen. Tenant Screeners will source a new tenant, free of charge, should the tenant vacate the rental property within 6 months of the agreement. The client is only responsible to pay $30 for each credit report pulled for any applications the client chooses to process. Should the tenant break the lease from 6 months to a year, Tenant Screeners will replace the tenant for half of the quoted price.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at or call us at: 647-896-3846 or 1-888-986-3009